Fogbound novel First Draft 50% complete

It’s #FogboundFriday again and I’ve actually managed to get this blog update out on time. Well there’s a first time for everything. The big news of the week is – Prepare Trumpet Fanfare – Fogbound has just hit the halfway stage of first draft. We are officially at 50% completion – Go on, celebrate byContinue reading “Fogbound novel First Draft 50% complete”

Website updated

#FogboundFriday missed again. It’s Tues currently and I am appalled at my lack of progress with getting these updates out on Friday as planned. Fogbound: First Draft – 47% ArkZeroNine: First Draft – 17% Fogbound RPG: First Draft – 60% So over the last ten days I have mostly been writing Fogbound. As you can see it’s up to 47% completeContinue reading “Website updated”

Huddersfield Authors Circle

#FogboundFriday again already and here’s the progress update for you. Fogbound – First Draft – 38% ArkZeroNine – First Draft – 17% Fogbound RPG – First Draft – 60% OK so this week has been a little slow so far with two days of no writing – shame, shame, I hear you all shouting. (But I don’t think anyone will beContinue reading “Huddersfield Authors Circle”

Fogbound Novel at 33%

#FogboundFriday came and went again without an update. Sorry, but it’s only Sunday, I will try better in future. Just to give you an update on Progress on my work. Fogbound First Draft – 34% ArkZeroNine First Draft – 17% Fogbound RPG First Draft – 60% I’ve had a good day today on Fogbound, kicking my daily target of 2,000 wordsContinue reading “Fogbound Novel at 33%”