Black Friday Bargains

Welcome to another #FogboundFriday. Black Friday Fogbound: Empire in Flames is currently FREE on Amazons Kindle Store along with 17 other fantastic books from a selection of great authors. If you haven't already got a copy, then now is the perfect opportunity to dive into this Amazon bestselling SciFi/Steampunk epic at the best price imaginable.... Continue Reading →

Book Launch for Fogbound

So, its #FogboundFriday already and I have a few exciting items for you this week. Fogbound: Empire in Flames - Launch Date As you'll have noticed from the image above, Fogbound has an official launch date of 8th August 2019. I am busy preparing the final versions of the ebook and paperback versions and uploading... Continue Reading →

Dungeons & Dragons

Thought I'd drop you a quick post showing the transformation of an old classic animated D&D to a newly revamped and live action version as a Renault Ad. If you remember Hank, Diana, Presto, Sheila, Eric, Bobby and Uni vs the dreaded Venger and Tiamat, then this might amuse you as much as it amused... Continue Reading →

Angry Bridport

Ok, first off, apologies for how long it's been since my last post for #FogboundFriday. The main reasons has been the frantic rush to polish the final edit of Fogbound in time to send it off to the Angry Robot Open Submissions window for 2019. Now that's done - Huzzah! I can hopefully get back... Continue Reading →

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