ArkZeroNine cover by Gareth Clegg

They calculated the impact of the mighty asteroid Hubris would cause catastrophic damage, destroying the Earth’s atmosphere. The only saving grace was that the collision wouldn’t occur for sixteen years.

Time for mankind to put aside their differences and to work together to complete the Arks. Time to unite mankind and save a viable population for the future.

They planned for twelve Arks – Twelve small lifeboats for mankind.

This is the story of one of them – Ark-Zero-Nine.

Follow the story of Yanik, a young scavenger within a huge Arkology that has lost track of the time since the breaking and the building of the Arks.

Explore a society that has reverted to a feudal state and knows nothing of the true history of their shattered and violent world outside the huge failing structure they all live within.

Published by Gareth Clegg

Gareth lives in make-believe worlds somewhere in the dark spaces between fantasy and science fiction. There he converses with imaginary friends and survives on a diet of tea, the finest curries available to humanity, and the occasional slice of Battenberg.

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