Babylon – Jewel of the South – A lush, green paradise hidden deep in the Badlands. You’ll want for nothing, but everything comes with a price.

Ruby and Cheveyo meet again within the vast stone city, where Queen Semiramis rules with an iron fist, and Babylon has only one punishment – Hanging.

It doesn’t take long for Cheveyo to sense the taint of the shadow corrupting this idyllic land. With an enforced curfew, there’s much more than just guards stalking the dark streets overnight.

Together, Ruby and Cheveyo must face the greatest challenge of their lives if they are to save the land from an unimaginable evil.

Can they uncover the dark secrets of this seeming utopia, or will they succumb to the sinister plans of the cabal controlling everything from the shadows?

Babylon is the second novella in the Weird West / Supernatural Western Horror series Chronicles of the Fallen from Amazon best selling author Gareth Clegg.