Fallen Angels is a collection of 19 Short Stories and Flash Fiction by Amazon Best Selling Author, Gareth Clegg.

It covers all areas of Speculative Fiction – Science Fiction, Fantasy, Steampunk, Cyberpunk and Horror/Supernatural.

Each story also contains author notes about the idea and the process that gave it life.

Like falling stars they plummeted to Earth, their Hydrogen fuel cells ablaze as the frames of twisted steel glowed from red to white, eerie showers of sparks and molten metal spraying from the tortured skeletons of the great beasts.

Fallen Angels following their brother Lucifer into the inferno – Dante himself could not have painted a more horrifying spectacle

Angel One was the last to fall, and our hopes and dreams fell alongside it.

I think that was the moment we realised we had truly lost the war…

Twisted Fate Publishing

Available in:
eBook + Paperback

Published: Aug 8, 2019

What others are saying about FALLEN ANGELS

★★★★★ Stunning introduction to the author – A collection of short pieces, introductions, ideas writing to be explored. Characters are imbued with the mystical energy which makes the reader want to read more and learn what happens next.

★★★★★ I’ll be honest I didn’t like every short story in there. But the ones I liked, I liked them a lot and would have loved to read more than just a short story about it – You must also know that even the parts I didn’t like were impressive, the author played a lot with different styles so that even if I didn’t like what he was telling, reading it was still very interesting.”

★★★★★ “Moving at times, beautiful in places, thought provoking in spots. a few surprises, which is a surprise in itself, just a little more than I expect from anthologies. One or two is not a surprise, but after that… so, worth a look, as these tend to be, maybe more so. maybe even file it next to Bradbury, it’s pretty good.”