The Crowman

In a dying world, one lone rider is the only hope for salvation.

Some say the world is shattered, that our way of life is dying. Our sun fills half the sky and the scorched lands struggle to provide enough to sustain us. Still, there has always been hope. But as that fiery red orb descends below the rocky skyline, then comes the shadow: Dark spirits hell-bent on destroying what’s left of humanity, as if we needed any help.

My name is Cheveyo Santiago. I cheated death as a child, but that trauma marked me, and now I sense the evil in others. So here I am, drawn like a moth to the flame. Though I carry a revolver, I’m no gunslinger, there are plenty faster on the draw than me. My real edge is knowledge.

Old family recipes passed down through the ages – the secrets to banish the shadow back to the hells that spawned it. Salt, Brimstone, Silver and Tallow shall be my weapons.

So, hear this, all creatures and spirits of evil. I know you. I see you. Prepare yourself for judgement.

Twisted Fate Publishing

Available in:
eBook + Paperback

Published: Jul 1, 2020


From the first page you are drawn into another world of intrigue and adventure. Many twist and turns along the way that make you keep turning the pages. I could not put this book down – brilliant.

Weird West at Its Best

A fun twist on a western/ gunslinger story. Short but sweet, worth a read.

I’ve read quite a few books on Kindle even though I have very little free time to sink into them, this is the first one that I put everything aside to finish.

While I thought the story was great and I loved the way the curse was solved and those at fault punished, what really drew me into this story was the characters. In addition to the primary male lead, who was AWESOME and not a typical male type of character, we have a female character who holds her own…and, her part of the story.


A great novella that leaves you wanting more

Western with a supernatural twist

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