Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

Fogbound: Empire in Flames by Gareth Clegg. Steampunk book cover banner

Well as you’ve probably noticed, It’s not #FogboundFriday but as I have exciting news, what the hell – two posts in two days – unprecedented!

As with the sausage reference of the post, The first draft of Fogbound is complete!

Yes the main writing is done, finished, finito, terminado?, 100% smegging complete!!! I am now concentrating on editing. I will be pushing hard over the next two weeks and hope to complete my editing for a week on Friday (That’s 14th Sep for those who are counting).

If all goes well, I should then be in a position for the following:

Beta Readers Release

Look out Beta Readers, this is your two week warning. If you are part of the Beta Reader programme, you will already have received your first update telling you what to expect. If you signed up for the Beta Reader programme but haven’t received an email from us, then check your spam folders just in case your email program was a little overzealous.

I will be looking to send out your instructions on how to download your Beta copy of the novel on the 14th and will provide as much support as I can to ensure you can load your version in either pub or mobi format to your preferred e-reader.

Any questions, give me a call on the email address provided.

Professional Edit

At the same time the book is released to all my Beta Readers, it will also be going out to my professional editor for her to start working on. Thanks, Fiona!
This is a really exciting time as we will be getting into the nitty-gritty and polishing the story to make it the best it can possibly be.

Feedback from my editor will allow me to address any obvious issues with pacing and structure. Also, I will be looking at all the feedback I get from my 25 Beta Readers and seeing if any other areas require more detailed updates. I’ve tried really hard to catch all the typo’s and consistency issues, so hopefully, there won’t be anything like that jumping out at you, but hell, I’ve looked through these 150,000 words so often I’m becoming word blind.

That’s a bit like being snowblind, but for authors! ;o)


I’m having a well-deserved rest

Having just plowed through 7,500 words written today to complete the first draft, I’m going to take the evening off. It’s 8:30pm here in the UK, and I started at 11am so I’m now going to binge watch a few episodes of Friends or something similar – the equivalent of easy reading for TV with a bit of food and my lovely wife’s first impressions of the ending of Fogbound – hope she likes it… ;o)

OK, that’s all for now, so until next time, Be Splendid to one another.

#Steampunk #Fogbound #FogboundFriday (Or Sunday in this case ;o)