Social Media Rebrand — GO cmd O

So those of you with eagle eyes might already have noticed a slight branding change with my Social Media. For those who haven’t, you should be hearing the bells – Shame, shame, shame!

Anyhow, I have decided—in my infinite wisdom—that @fogbound1899 has maybe served its purpose. It was always really just about my first novel, and as such maybe didn’t represent all my work. Now, as I am focusing much more on my Editing, and actually starting to make a living from it, I feel it is time for it to retire and perhaps return when I am promoting the next book in the Fogbound series (Don’t ask – Please. It will arrive at some point before 2099, and I will rejoice and share the news with all of you of it’s imminent approach. But for now, it’s still percolating behind my current WiP TOKYO PRIME.)

So what is GOcmdO all about? I hear you asking.

Several things appealed to me about it, and I’ll try to explain them in some logical way… Hold onto your hats, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  • Go Commando is how you should be saying it – you all got that one, right?
  • Yeah, it’s funny when you get it – or at least I think so.
  • It was my lovely wife, Jayne’s idea originally—and she’s always right. (I might not think so initially, but I’m almost always proved wrong in the end)
  • It fits my initials GC – so what’s not to love. I got the idea from Daniel Green @DanielBGreene who goes by the nickname Disheveled Goblin. He has a great YouTube channel — great reviews of all things fantasy and sci-fi. I love his book reviews: always amusing but well balanced. (And he looks like James Corden’s love child – He’s well worth a watch!)
  • It is a Mac reference to command (or cmd) O which is how you open a new file (Just like CTRL O on a PC). As I work pretty much exclusively on a MacBook, it made sense and is all about new beginnings Opening a new file to start writing or editing.
  • It’s about flying by the seat of your pants, without underwear, into the unknown. Whether that’s editing or my own writing. I’m finding more and more that my outlining takes a bit of a back seat (Much to Jayne’s dismay – Cue cursing and growling!) and I am diving into the story that I need to get out of my head and onto the page. I like to get that raw energy and vision down and let the story flow as it takes on a life of its own. All writers are different, and I still think there is a place for outlining, but as I’m going to come back and edit the crap out of it when I’m finished anyway, why wait for the fully formed story to be there when I have burning ideas waiting to flood out, right? Come on Pantser’s and Plantser’s, back me up here.
  • And finally, because it makes me smile to think people might find the at-tag and initially go “Huh?” then chortle as they work it out. I’ve got a sense of humour and I’m not afraid to use it, dammit.

So there you have it. If you like the rebrand idea – Great.

If not, well tough, I’ve already done it and there’s no turning back now.
Go back to the shadow. You — shall not — pass!

No doubt I will have other stunning ideas over the next few weeks as I come to realise how much more hidden meaning there is in my new brand identity on Social Media.

Until then, just remember, whenever you are on Facebook or Twitter – @GOcmdO