So those of you with eagle eyes might already have noticed a slight branding change with my Social Media. For those who haven’t, you should be hearing the bells – Shame, shame, shame! Anyhow, I have decided—in my infinite wisdom—that @fogbound1899 has maybe served its purpose. It was always reallyContinue Reading

I know, I know. It’s been ages since my last blog and I have excuses—Really good ones—let me just find where I put them… So apologies if you’ve been waiting and it all went a bit silent – lot’s of other things going on since Sep 2020 and I justContinue Reading

WELCOME Thanks and welcome to everyone who has subscribed since the last newsletter. All your support it greatly appreciated. It’s September 1st and time has flown since our last newsletter with all the work to get book 3 of the Chronicles of the Fallen novella complete plus a compilation of volumesContinue Reading

Welcome to another #FogboundFriday. Black Friday Fogbound: Empire in Flames is currently FREE on Amazons Kindle Store along with 17 other fantastic books from a selection of great authors. If you haven’t already got a copy, then now is the perfect opportunity to dive into this Amazon bestselling SciFi/Steampunk epicContinue Reading

It’s #FogboundFriday again and here’s all the latest news regarding what’s happening in my world of Writing.. A Quick Update Fogbound: Empire in Flames continues to plod along nicely – we just hit 30,000 page reads on Kindle Unlimited. I am in the process of outlining book 2 as we speakContinue Reading

It’s #FogboundFriday again (Well to be honest it’s a day late, so technically it must be #SteampunkSaturday right?) Whichever it is, there is plenty of news on the Fogbound front for you in this post. FOGBOUND on Kindle Unlimited Fogbound has just hit 12,500 page reads on KU! Wow, I’mContinue Reading

Fogbound: Empire in Flames by Gareth Clegg

It’s #FogboundFriday again, and one week on since the launch of my steampunk epic FOGBOUND: Empire in Flames. FOGBOUND Launch News So the question on all your lips is no doubt – How did it go on the 8th August? Quite well is the humble answer. I was mightily impressedContinue Reading

Fogbound: Empire in Flames by Gareth Clegg. Steampunk book cover.

It can’t be #FogboundFriday already, can it? It only seems I was doing this last Friday! Fogbound: Empire in Flames – 8th Aug 2019 So there’s only three weeks until Fogbound launches on Amazon – exciting times in the final runup and last minute ideas and changes to book coverContinue Reading

Fogbound: Empire in Flames by Gareth Clegg. Steampunk book cover.

So, its #FogboundFriday already and I have a few exciting items for you this week. Fogbound: Empire in Flames – Launch Date As you’ll have noticed from the image above, Fogbound has an official launch date of 8th August 2019. I am busy preparing the final versions of the ebookContinue Reading