Here’s a look at the cover design that’s been completed so far for the Fogbound Role playing game. As you can see, a very consistent look with the novel at the moment. Not quite sure about the font or whether it should be the same as the novel – Comments welcome.

The design has a Savage Worlds logo at the moment though we still haven’t decided if it will be purely a Savage Worlds setting book, or if we should appeal to multiple systems such as D&D 5e and Call of Cthulhu.

The other option, of course, is a full new rule system – but with the added drawback of having to complete and play test said system and the additional time required…

Decisions, decisions.

Published by Gareth Clegg

Gareth lives in make-believe worlds somewhere in the dark spaces between fantasy and science fiction. There he converses with imaginary friends and survives on a diet of tea, the finest curries available to humanity, and the occasional slice of Battenberg.

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