Fogbound Novel at 33%

#FogboundFriday came and went again without an update. Sorry, but it’s only Sunday, I will try better in future. Just to give you an update on Progress on my work.

Fogbound First Draft – 34%
ArkZeroNine First Draft – 17%
Fogbound RPG First Draft – 60%

I’ve had a good day today on Fogbound, kicking my daily target of 2,000 words across the room couple of times – Yay. Today’s outstanding total was 4,786, that’s like two days work.

Now I know some of you will be going “Like who cares?” But for anyone else out there who writes, hopefully you’ll understand why I’m really proud of myself for doubling my daily word total.

Anyhow it takes me to just over one third complete on the first draft of the Fogbound novel and I’m celebrating with an idea stolen from Brandon Sanderson – namely the progress bar. Brandon is a machine when it comes to writing multiple books at the same time, I’m truly amazed at how he can keep so much in his head simultanously.

If you haven’t read any of his work, then shame on you – go check him out NOW, his work is amazing. If you want something to start with, I’d recommend his Mistborn series starting with The Final Empire – it’s Epic…

I’ll try and keep up with posting on Friday from now on – I promise.
But as Yoda constantly reminds me “Do or do not…” So I guess I’m going to do it ;o)

That’s all for now, so until next time,
Be Splendid to one another.

#Steampunk #Fogbound

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Gareth lives in make-believe worlds somewhere in the dark spaces between fantasy and science fiction. There he converses with imaginary friends and survives on a diet of tea, the finest curries available to humanity, and the occasional slice of Battenberg.

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