Huddersfield Authors Circle

#FogboundFriday again already and here’s the progress update for you.

Fogbound – First Draft – 38%
ArkZeroNine – First Draft – 17%
Fogbound RPG – First Draft – 60%

OK so this week has been a little slow so far with two days of no writing – shame, shame, I hear you all shouting. (But I don’t think anyone will be wanting to see me walking around naked like Cersei Lannister…)

Huddersfield Authors Circle

I have this week been to my first meeting of the Huddersfield Authors Circle. I was a little concerned as to how confrontational it might be, as you might have guessed from the image above ;o) But it was good and looks like a great forum for sharing ideas and getting feedback on readings from each of our book and writing ideas. I’ll keep you all posted on progress after the next meet on 14th Feb.

Things are going well with Fogbound, keeping up with my 2,000 words per day minimum since my last update – Huzzah!

No more progress on the other projects though – boo!


But I did find an amazing piece of software for producing spectacular concept art style paintings – well it will be when I get used to it – Corel Painter 2018 check it out here. Just need to play with it for a while and then convince myself that it’s worth coughing over £300 for – ouch!!!

That’s all for now, so until next time,
Be Splendid to one another.

#Steampunk #Fogbound