Fogbound Novel & RPG update

‘It’s #FogboundFriday yet again, so heres the latest news of what’s happening in the world of Fogbound. Today was a good experiment as I met up with six other members of the Huddersfield Writers Group at a fantastic coffee shop in a suitably inspiring Victorian arcade to do some writing. A good experience for all as we all encouraged each other to “get on with it!”.So the novel is moving forward – I am currently up to 63% on the first draft.Fogbound RPG cover1There has been some good progress with Fogbound the RPG with me now having moved on to some initial interior design and layout. Though the text is not yet fully complete, I felt I needed to get an idea of how it was going to look on the page, and I’m really pleased with the look and feel so far. Take a look at the images below of the front cover and some interior design and let me know what you think.

In an effort to focus and get the game ready for the Kickstarter campaign in Jun/July I have decided to launch with Savage Worlds as the only system supported. I may change my mind and add a home-brew d100 system as a stretch goal if the Kickstarter is going well, but for now I need to get everything complete and ready to fund the artwork required to make this a great looking book.



I spent last weekend at the National Students Roleplaying and Wargaming Nationals, kindly hosted at Bradford University. I ran six players through a Fogbound session on Saturday and Sunday and they all seemed to have a great time and loved the setting – so that was nice ;o)

I was recently introduced to The Frankenstein Chronicles on Netflix starring Sean Bean and I’m really enjoying it, both for the story and the early Victorian feel that offers a lot of ideas and inspiration for Fogbound.

I’m also investigating as a possible funding method. I really like the idea of aiming to be able to give up the day job, but I’m still working out how to set the level of rewards and get enough patrons to support the requirement. It’s a tough job thinking about all the things to offer to make sure potential patrons get their moneys worth while limiting the amounts so it isn’t too onerous for them. I’m hoping the low entry price per month and many supporters is the best way to go, but more on this as I progress ideas.

imageFinally, I eventually took the plunge and went with my lovely wife Jayne to see The Greatest Showman at the cinema (She had seen it previously and raved about how good it was). I was a little sceptical – what? a musical? But man was it great!

If you haven’t seen it – go. Go Now! It’s an amazing piece of entertainment, a feast for both eyes and ears – great music, great visuals – I’m really amazed by how much I enjoyed this movie. So throw off your preconceptions and go and enjoy it.

And the end credits are fantastic. As the credits roll, the background shows the concept art – which is beautiful. All movies should do this – then maybe some of the technical staff that make these movies happen might get their names seen and be recognised for the work they do.

OK, that’s all for now, so until next time
Be Splendid to one another.

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