Fogbound Progress

Fogbound: Empire in Flames by Gareth Clegg. Steampunk book cover banner

So an update on the status of Fogbound, my Steampunk/Sci-Fi Novel. I am finalising the edit with a team of gracious volunteer proof-readers and then it will be winging it’s way around the Literary Agents in an attempt to find someone who sees its potential and want to help with representation.

Just a minute. Weren’t you self publishing?

Yes – I did intend on self publishing originally. But, after a few thoughts over the xmas period, I had a rethink and a change of mind. I thought about what I really wanted to achieve which was to get a book published and to take away most of the day to day Non-Writing stuff – Marketing, distribution, publication, etc. So I could concentrate on writing and not the business of selling the books.

So, the obvious route was back to the Traditional Publishing route. Best to try that as my primary desire – Self Publishing will still be there as an option if I don’t find a great agent or traditional publisher.

So how’s the Agent finding going?

I’ve sent my first batch of enquiry letters out to agents and am waiting to hear back from them. Once I start receiving rejections (I have no illusions of being picked up immediately) then I’ll add in the next agents from my longest to top up the shortlist to 10 active submissions.

This seems a pretty standard way of approaching things from what I’ve read and makes sense to me. I will probably think about the enquiry letter content and rewrite if I receive a lot of standard form rejections.

I’ll keep you updated with progress.

So What’s new?

I’ve signed up with Masterclass for Neil Gaiman’s ‘Art of Storytelling’ and it looks great! I’ve only just completed the second section (of nineteen) and it’s really interesting looking at the ideas and directions Neil is asking us to look at. So, in a nutshell – really impressed so far.

Masterclass is a fantastic idea. Get masters of their craft to teach an online course to pass on their experience and wisdom to thousands via online training. So there are plenty of other massive names from writing, including authors such as Dan Brown, Margaret Atwood, Malcolm Gladwell, David Mamet and James Patterson (to name a few).

Add to this all the other areas being featured – Film & TV, Music & Entertainment, Culinary Arts, Writing, Design, Photography & Fashion, Sports & Games… The list goes on and on with names from the top of their respective industries – Samuel L Jackson, Martin Scorsese, Steve Martin, Ron Howard, Spike Lee, Gordon Ramsey, Tom Morello, Carlos Santana… and many, many more.

Check it out here:

OK, that’s all for now, so until next time, Be Splendid to one another.

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