Angry Bridport

Ok, first off, apologies for how long it’s been since my last post for #FogboundFriday.

The main reasons has been the frantic rush to polish the final edit of Fogbound in time to send it off to the Angry Robot Open Submissions window for 2019.

Now that’s done – Huzzah! I can hopefully get back into a rhythm of keeping you guys updated on what I’m doing, and with a tremendous amount of luck there may be some great news in the near future from the amazing guys at Angry Robot.

I love publishers who are still willing to entertain submissions from the many unknown authors out there trying to break into the marketplace.

It’s late in the day for submitting your work, but if you have something ready, check out the submission guidelines (deadline is end of May!)

So in a brief aside, I just found out that Peter McLean, author of the amazing Priest of Bones, and the soon to be released Priest of Lies, is an Angry Robot author who got his break in the 2014 Open Submissions window – So it does happen folks.

If you haven’t read Priest of Bones then go check it out. I loved it.

So the next part of todays cool news is that I’ve finally managed to get my entry for Short Story completed and submitted for this year’s competition.

Tokyo Prime was an experiment in writing in first person POV for me which came out rather well. If you like your cyberpunk with a twist of supernatural horror, this could be for you.

5,000 words of cyberpunk noir loveliness takes place in this city on the bay, the last remaining city on the planet as far as anyone knows. Can one gaijin cop really make a difference?

Find more about the Bridport Prize here


With the last episode of Game of Thrones leaving a lot of options for additional character adventures in the future, who else wants to see a Pirate Arya or Jon’s exploits North of the Wall series focussing on your favourite individual from the series?

OK, that’s all for now,
so until next time, 
Be Splendid to one another.

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