Letting Off Steam: Sep 2020


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It’s September 1st and time has flown since our last newsletter with all the work to get book 3 of the Chronicles of the Fallen novella complete plus a compilation of volumes 1-3 too.

For all you Steampunk fans, the good news is as of October I’ll be starting Fogbound book 2 full time, with the intention of a release date sometime in Apr-Jun of 2021. So if you’ve been waiting for the ongoing adventures of Simmons and Bazalgette, then they are on their way.


Are you ready for Book 3 in the Chronicles of the Fallen? I certainly hope so as it launched on Amazon yesterday.

If you’ve already read The Crowman and Babylon and fancy some more Weird Western Dark Fantasy then head over and pick up your copy here: viewbook.at/revelations

If you’ve not read any of this nine novella series, then grab a copy of the new 3 volume compilation of Chronicles of the Fallen now. viewbook.at/chronicles1-3


So if you’re wondering what I am up to through September, the main answer is writing a screenplay for The Crowman.

Yeah, I have a chance to tender for a TV series with the start of my Chronicles of the Fallen Weird Western.

Now I’m no expert in the screenwriting scene, though I’ve produced a few and love the style of writing. If it gets picked up we could be looking at the prospect of something on the TV and if I’m really lucky that could include players like Netflix and Amazon – so just a little excited at the idea.

I am under no delusion though – this is a big ask for something of this style to get optioned, especially with talk of reduced casts and easier to film locations and lower special effects budgets – but you’ve gotta give it a go, right? And the good news is that fantasy + sci-fi is big on those channels at the moment along with other big players like HBO – so you need to be in it – to win it.

Watch this space – and I’ll obviously keep you all updated as soon as more information comes to light.


Thanks for your continued support throughout these troubled times, it’s great hearing from you about both new work and old so keep on reading and feel free to reach out on social media – I love to discuss my books and characters and hear your thoughts on them.

Thank you for letting me share my worlds with you and the characters that inhabit them. It is truly an honour.
Keep reading and keep safe wherever you are in the world.


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Be Splendid to one another.

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