Black Friday Bargains

Welcome to another #FogboundFriday.

Black Friday

Fogbound: Empire in Flames is currently FREE on Amazons Kindle Store along with 17 other fantastic books from a selection of great authors.

If you haven’t already got a copy, then now is the perfect opportunity to dive into this Amazon bestselling SciFi/Steampunk epic at the best price imaginable.

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I know I keep on about leaving reviews, but it is the lifeblood for indie authors especially those selling on Amazon. In competition with the vast number of books there, good reviews help people make the decision to purchase one book over another.

So, if you have enjoyed any of my books, please leave a review if you can – it is really appreciated – and please tell everyone you know who might like the books about them. Reviews can be left at Amazon US or UK and at

And Finally…

War of the Worlds finally arrives on the BBC.

The long awaited TV adaptation of HG Wells’ sci-fi classic finally arrived on the BBC and I have quite enjoyed it so far. I know there has been some backlash for changes made from the original story by some across the internet, but other than my misgivings that it wasn’t set in 1899, it’s been OK and I’ve enjoyed it.

I particularly liked the flash forwards to the ruined London in swathes of red dust – but I am somewhat biased with that being the setting for my novel Fogbound.

Fogbound is available from Amazon and FREE on Kindle Unlimited

That’s all for now, so until next time,
Be Splendid to one another.

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