Tea minus five days to Amazon launch on 8th Aug.

It’s #FogboundFriday again, and less than six days to the launch of my steampunk epic FOGBOUND: Empire in Flames. Exciting and surprisingly busy times.


It’s all go here at Clegg Towers in the final few days before the book launch on the 8th. While I was thinking about what I could give to all you lovely folks who sign up to my Mailing List, or who support me on Patreon, I had an epiphany. Rather than just a short story about Fogbound happenings before Empire in Flames is set, I thought why not a more encompassing look at all my writing?

With this idea in mind, I produced FALLEN ANGELS. It’s a compilation of short stories, flash fiction, and yes – even poetry! (but with my usual dark twist to it all ;o).

You can purchase it on Amazon in either eBook or Paperback format, OR you can get it for FREE if you sign up to the mailing list or pledge your support to my Patreon community.

Either way, it is a collection of 19 short pieces for fans of all things Science Fiction, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Fantasy and Supernatural. I’ve included Author’s notes on each piece with some insight into the stories, so I’d really love to hear your thoughts on them as several of these pieces are the embryonic beginnings for new novels. It would be fascinating to see which were your favourites just as they are in a short form, and which you’d like to see become full novels of their own.

Click on the DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE BOOK link here or in the main menu to get a free PDF copy OR pledge whatever you can on my PATREON page

OR you can get a Kindle copy for £1.99 on Amazon or a Paperback copy for £5.99. I would have liked to make the paperback cheaper, but due to the pricing and margins on Amazon for Print on Demand that’s about as low as I can go – HOWEVER this book will be available from me at upcoming Steampunk events around the UK for £5.00, and I’ll gladly sign it for you as well.


US: Get FALLEN ANGELS on Amazon.com

You can also READ FOR FREE on Kindle Unlimited – this includes FOGBOUND: Empire in Flames when it launches on 8th Aug. KU is a monthly subscription service that allows you to download and read as many ebooks as you can manage during your subscription period. In the UK it’s £7.99 per month and is a brilliant service for you strong readers with access to thousands and thousands of great books by some really big names.

If you are not a KU member you can signup through this affiliate link**

** Please note as an affiliate I receive a small payment for introducing any of you who decide to sign up – you pay the same amount, so it costs you nothing, but it adds a few pennies to the coffers of this poor struggling author – every little bit helps.

So What’s the 99p/99c FOGBOUND Launch Strategy?

The idea is to hit hard on days 1 through 3, this gives the best chance of sustained impact on the top selling kindle books in my genre. If this is sustained over those few days it can make a big difference with the mighty Amazon ad engine seeing this book as saleable and adding it’s helping hand to promote a book that Amazon thinks will make it money.

So, if at all possible, please order on 8th, 9th or 10th of August with a preference of the 8th for an impact on first day sales. The 99p/99c intro price will only be available for the first FIVE days so make sure you pick it up then before it goes back up towards normal price of around £3.99 / $5.00 on the 13th Aug.

Thank you all in advance for those who purchase the eBook – you are all splendid folk and I hope you enjoy FOGBOUND: Empire in Flames.

And Finally…

READ 4 FREE: Chapter 5 of Fogbound is available on Wattpad.

If you want a preview of my steampunk adventure novel for free before it goes on sale on the 8th August, Go check it out now: https://www.wattpad.com/user/GarethClegg

That’s all for now, so until next time, Be Splendid to one another.

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