Fogbound launch day

Fogbound: Empire in Flames by Gareth Clegg

It’s #FogboundFriday again, and one week on since the launch of my steampunk epic FOGBOUND: Empire in Flames.

FOGBOUND Launch News

So the question on all your lips is no doubt – How did it go on the 8th August?

Quite well is the humble answer. I was mightily impressed with the sales of the ebook, and also the Kindle Unlimited reads are now starting to stack up.

Notable Occurrences

  • We hit number 2 on the US Hot New Releases chart for Steampunk. (Not just the UK which was mighty impressive)
  • We also hit number 2 on the UK Hot New Releases chart for Alternative History.
  • And number 6 Best Seller in the Steampunk genre
  • I was briefly an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author when the book was mistakenly entered into the Childrens Steampunk category – Not sure if that really counts as it was supposed to be in the YA section…


I’ve finally had a few reviews trickle through from readers and they are all mighty fine. I’m really happy with quality of review I’ve received so far. It’s a little slow, only five so far, but they are all stonking five-star reviews which I’ll show you below.

Please leave a review once you have completed reading Fogbound to allow other potential readers to make an informed decision based on the views of other Steampunk fans.

The success of indie authors depends a lot on getting high quality, honest reviews of their work – so please leave a review on both Amazon and on

You don’t have to leave a literary masterpiece espousing you knowledge of all things steam, punk and dystopian. A simple click on the star review to show how much you enjoyed the book is great. If you wish to tell others how you felt about the book, then that’s even better and is much appreciated.

Kindle Unlimited

As mentioned earlier FOGBOUND is also available to read for free through Kindle Unlimited – Amazon’s reading subscription service. Instead of paying for each eBook you want to read, you pay a monthly fee and then can read as much as you like for no further cost. KU has a selection of millions of books from all genres, so there’s definitely something for everyone.

If you want to give it a try, click through on my affiliate link below for a 30 day free trial.

** Please note as an affiliate I receive a small payment for introducing any of you who decide to sign up – you pay the same amount, so it costs you nothing, but it adds a few pennies to the coffers of this poor struggling author – every little bit helps.

So What Now?

FOGBOUND: Empire in Flames is available for UK £1.99 or US $2.99 through Amazon so please take a look if you haven’t already as it will be going up to the full price of £3.99/$4.99 shortly.

So get it while you can at a 50% discount.

Thank you all in advance for those who purchase the book – you are all splendid folk and I hope you enjoy FOGBOUND: Empire in Flames.

And Finally…

READ 4 FREE: Chapter 6 of Fogbound is available on Wattpad.

I’ve decided to continue my weekly serialisation of the novel over on Wattpad. Feel free to head over and vote and comment on it as we try to increase awareness.

That’s all for now, so until next time, Be Splendid to one another.

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