Fogbound novel First Draft 50% complete

It’s #FogboundFriday again and I’ve actually managed to get this blog update out on time. Well there’s a first time for everything. The big news of the week is – Prepare Trumpet Fanfare – Fogbound has just hit the halfway stage of first draft. We are officially at 50% completion – Go on, celebrate byContinue reading “Fogbound novel First Draft 50% complete”

Website updated

#FogboundFriday missed again. It’s Tues currently and I am appalled at my lack of progress with getting these updates out on Friday as planned. Fogbound: First Draft – 47% ArkZeroNine: First Draft – 17% Fogbound RPG: First Draft – 60% So over the last ten days I have mostly been writing Fogbound. As you can see it’s up to 47% completeContinue reading “Website updated”


As promised many moons ago, here’s the opening chapter to Fogbound: Empire in Flames. Chapter 1 Fingers of toxic red fog clawed at his clothing as he stepped over yet another dead body. Sir Pelham Simmons stalked the Fogside wastes with his rifle slung over his right shoulder. His greatcoat hugged him tightly, holding the fogContinue reading “FOGBOUND SAMPLE CHAPTER”