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Fogbound: Empire in Flames by Gareth Clegg. Steampunk book cover.

#FogboundFriday missed again. It’s Tues currently and I am appalled at my lack of progress with getting these updates out on Friday as planned. Fogbound: First Draft – 47% ArkZeroNine: First Draft – 17% Fogbound RPG: First Draft – 60% So over the last ten days I have mostly been writing Fogbound. As you can seeContinue Reading

Fogbound: Empire in Flames by Gareth Clegg. Steampunk book cover banner

As promised many moons ago, here’s the opening chapter to Fogbound: Empire in Flames. Chapter 1 Fingers of toxic red fog clawed at his clothing as he stepped over yet another dead body. Sir Pelham Simmons stalked the Fogside wastes with his rifle slung over his right shoulder. His greatcoat huggedContinue Reading

#FogboundFriday again already and here’s the progress update for you. Fogbound – First Draft – 38% ArkZeroNine – First Draft – 17% Fogbound RPG – First Draft – 60% OK so this week has been a little slow so far with two days of no writing – shame, shame, I hear you all shouting. (But IContinue Reading

#FogboundFriday came and went again without an update. Sorry, but it’s only Sunday, I will try better in future. Just to give you an update on Progress on my work. Fogbound First Draft – 34% ArkZeroNine First Draft – 17% Fogbound RPG First Draft – 60% I’ve had a good day today on Fogbound, kicking myContinue Reading

Here’s a look at the cover design that’s been completed so far for the Fogbound Role playing game. As you can see, a very consistent look with the novel at the moment. Not quite sure about the font or whether it should be the same as the novel – CommentsContinue Reading

Here are some example images that depict the style I am looking for in the Fogbound RPG. The image above was a sample of concept art that I applied a red filter and fog to see how it would look with the Fogbound feel of the rolling toxic Red Fog. IContinue Reading

Here’s the first mockups of the book cover for #Fogbound. The Novel is coming along splendidly. I’ve just been making a few revisions to the opening chapter and it’s feeling good. Next friday I’ll release a sample for you all to have a read and hopefully get some comments and #Steampunk critique.Continue Reading